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Tequila Sunrise

#GoodMorning #Navy #RTC (at U.S. Naval Station Great Lakes Illinois)


"Nickelodeon Nostalgia" by NAS Storyboard Artist Aaron Austin

I’ve been at Nickelodeon for about 3 months now, and I wanted to make something that paid homage to the Nickelodeon cartoons I grew up with. It’s amazing how much a cartoon can mean to you even after so many years. I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to help create shows for today’s kids!” -Aaron

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René Magritte - The Lovers (1928) X Crystal Castles - Not in Love (2010)


Backpacker Bill Passman decided to get a tattoo of a world map on his back, then he began filling the map in as he travelled…After a trip that took him through Africa (with a stop in Canada, apparently) he was able to make a lot of progress filling in his tattoo.

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  • send her good morning texts
  • grab the booty next
  • feed her pizza before sex



Pretty in pastels. A powdery pink meets a cheery yellow for a delightful bathroom.

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